Aff Galerie | Keep Your Eyes Peeled II. Ausstellung Zum Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016

Group Exhibition

»Keep Your Eyes Peeled II«

Group exhibition for Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016

Michael Ackerman, Arnau Blanch, Stéphanie Bonn, Verena Brüning, Olga Bubich, Jaane Christensen, Pierre Defaix, Anna Eckold, Sibylle Fendt, Kathrin Ganser, Joachim Gern, Mika Gröber, Ulrich Hagel, Samuel Henne, Fred Hüning, Lioba Keuck, Constantin Köster, Tobias Kruse, Alexander Labrentz, Sebastian Lange, Inga Alice Lauenroth, Kolja Linowitzki, Tatsiana Lisovskaja, Jonas Maron, Kevin Mertens, Marielle Viola Morawitz, Patricia Morosan, Lene Münch, Juli Nazarova, Jana Ritchie, Ulrich Rüger, Thomas Sandberg, Laura Yawira Scheffer, Julia Schiller, Anna Charlotte Schmid, Valerie Schmidt, Ina Schröder, Tanya Shcherbinina, Marie Sjøvold, Julia Smirnova, Kate Smuraga, Christoph Soeder, Sarah Straßmann, Katrin Streicher, Ingo Taubhorn, Roselyne Titaud, Andreas Trogisch, Kathrin Tschirner, Alexa Vachon, Alexander Veledzimovich, Kahro Vrij, Franca Wohlt & Ulrich Wüst

Opening: Friday, April 29, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: April 30 – May 1, 2016
Opening hours: Sat & Sun 15-18h
Free admission
Wheelchair accessible: Yes


Keep Your Eyes Peeled is an exhibition project by aff Gallery. It takes place at irregular intervals during special art highlights in the gallery rooms. During this year’s Berlin Gallery Weekend a group exhibition will be on display that shows works by the aff photographers and artists selected from the extended network of the gallery.

Photography as today influences our daily lives more than any other medium – as a communication tool, for keeping memories, for documentation and evidence, the self-assurance, as a research object, to make a note, and of course as an artwork too. Images are captured, fill our hard drives, pop and glimp up on various screens and implant themselves in our thoughts. The apparatus, the smart phone, the camera, the data medium, or the wireless transmission occurres mostly in the background, and we can not figure out their operations within the image production. We are surrounded by a diversity of photos that shape our vision and experience so that the complex everyday life appears partially relieved but also inscrutable.
Therefore, the aff Gallery continues its exhibition format Keep Your Eyes Peeled, to respond to developments and tendencies of contemporary photography. In a short exhibition sequence, the communication with and through out images, will be temporarily brought back to a common real place (the gallery).

Event Details

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