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Solo Exhibition


Melanie Haefner

Portraits of two women. Grace, transience, mystery. Tumbling. Losing and finding oneself. Over and over again. Being seen.

Even though everyone understands the universal language of imagery, it is intriguing that everyone reads that language differently. Depending on the respective context and personal experiences, everyone interprets images diffrently – from their distance to the depicted story.”

Melanie Haefner is a Berlin based freelance photographer. She was born and grew up in the GDR, the former eastern part of germany. She studied Philosophy and Environmental Sciences and later Applied and Artistic Photography, when living in Vienna, Austria for more than 10 years. Returning to Berlin in 2013 she focused her work on portrait & landscape art photography, attending seminars at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, e.g. with Sybille Fendt and Grit Schwerdtfeger, as well as the free class with Eva Bertram at Neue Schule für Fotografie.
The main theme of her artistic exploration is the multitude of facets in nature, drawing the attention to the alienation from it. Combined with her gentle, serene and poetic likenesses out of her long-term portrait studies she creates a profound body of work that reveals the soul in life. She creates images that leave the viewer space to touch with their (very own) story.

blooming, 2017
In nature we find everything. That which we seek and what we long for and desire. Life, Transience, Beauty, Tranquility. In nature we find ourselves. We do feel love and not think it. This desire, an elemental force. We realize the bond between men and nature. The closeness
and familiarity of the mother to the child. The love of the daughter for the mother. I see you. I see myself.

femme fragile, 2016
How does it feel in that moment when love moves on?
Will we drown if we love too much or will we lose ourselves if we sink, we stop breathing? When love abandons us? Images of a woman, of the story which could be told about many women in their fifties: never single and suddenly alone. Life’s interplay of colours. Feeling one’s transience and becoming aware of the fading of youth’s beauty. A strong woman who redefines beauty and charisma for herself and begins a new life. During that process, she tries out new roles, loses and finds herself again, gathers experiences and crosses new boundaries, practices plummeting in the whirl of emotions. In the end, she accepts the loss of her great love. Adieu, tristesse! A long-lost dream, a desire that has lain dormant within her. Sleeping like a child, dreaming, awakening, singing and learning to dance in red shoes through the season of her life – being a woman of grace, hopes, wishes and secrets.

Framework program

Opening Reception
Friday, June 5, 7 pm
RSVP required via moc.r1660373898enfea1660373898heina1660373898lem@o1660373898tof1660373898

Guided Tours
The artist will be present each Friday & Sunday from 5 – 8 pm

Sunday, July 5, from 6 pm
With live music by Imperial Djemma Labhaa

Alte Feuerwache – Projektraum

June 6 — July 5, 2020
Opening Reception: Friday, June 5, 7 pm
Framework program: please see above


Marchlewskistraße 6, 10243 Berlin
[Friedrichshain | Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg]

Opening hours: Mon – Thu 11 am – 7 pm, Fri – Sun 12 – 8 pm

Admission free

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