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Artist Talk

An Evening with Antoine D’Agata

Artist Talk: Friday, May 5, 2017, 19h
Admission free
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Antoine d’Agata is a photographer and film maker. His itinerant work is experiential, exposing his desire for drug and sexual excess. By using photography he does not try to document the world but to retain his personal and intimate relationship with it. Seeking out the extreme he challenges personal and social boundaries. A Magnum member since 2004, Antoine d’Agata won the Nièpce Prize in 2001. His many books include Stigma, Insomnia, Vortex, Ice and Anticorps. His film, Atlas, is a personal account of prostitute woman that is profound, beautiful and tragic.

Antoine will be conducting a Berlin Foto Kiez workshop from 1-5 May and the evening of the 5th will be a presentation of the photography made by the workshop participants, a presentation of Antoine’s work followed by a conversation with Michael Grieve, and an audience Q&A.

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