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© Michel Lamoller

Artist Talk

»Layerscapes – constructions of reality«

Michel Lamoller

Artist Talk (held in English): Thursday, January 26, 2017, 20:30h (Facebook Event)
Admission free
RSVP to Ethna at moc.l1571852861iamg@1571852861esora1571852861nhte1571852861


Michel Lamoller will talk about his work that meanders between photography and sculpture, between image and space. After briefly explaining the development of his artistic practice he will present several bodies of his work and discuss conceptual, practical and other aspects of it.

Michel Lamoller studied at the Academy of fine Arts Hamburg until 2012 and currently lives in Berlin. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, off-spaces, biennials, art fairs, festivals and magazines worldwide.

Amongst others: Velada de Santa Lucia, Maracaibo, Venezuela (2013), Art International Istanbul, Turkey (2015), Gallery Sijac, Seoul, South-Korea (2015), Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin (2015), Biennale for Illustration, Berlin (2016), Nitra Gallery, Athens, Greece (2017).

Beyond the Ring is an informal set of artists’ talks/presentations/performances by international artists based in Berlin and visiting artists passing through. They will take place in a studio in Walterstr. 30, Neukoelln. ‘Beyond the Ring’ is there to provide the opportunity for people to meet and share their thoughts, ideas and work. If you’re interested in joining in, you will see that there is life Beyond the Ring in Berlin.
For a place, please RSVP Ethna at moc.l1571852861iamg@1571852861esora1571852861nhte1571852861.

Event Details

Beyond the Ring Studio
Walterstraße 30, 12051 Berlin, Germany

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