Lette-Akademie Berlin gGmbH

c/o Lette-Verein
Viktoria-Luise-Platz 6
10777 Berlin-Schöneberg

+49 30 275 955 79
W www.lette-akademie.de


Lette-Akademie is back!

After one year of reorganisation the Lette-Akademie Design has become the Lette-Akademie Berlin gGmbH.

We offer prevocational and advanced courses and workshops, among other things in photography, and use the gained earnings to promote the education at the the Lette-Verein.

The Lette-Akademie Berlin gGmbH is addressed to all interested persons – from the beginner up to the professional – who want to extend their abilities and/or deepen their theoretical knowledge.

Courses & Workshops at Lette-Akademie Berlin

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