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EMOP Berlin – European Month Of Photography Berlin

Photography Festival

Photography festival

various artists

Festival: October 1 – 31, 2016
at various venues throughout Berlin
EMOP Opening Days at C/O Berlin: September 29 – October 2, 2016


The European Month of Photography Berlin is the largest German festival for photography. Since 2004, it has been taking place every two years in Berlin, presenting a wide range of exhibitions and events on historic and contemporary photography. The festival is organized by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH in collaboration with museums, cultural institutions, galleries, embassies, project spaces, and photography schools in Berlin and Potsdam.

For this year’s edition of the festival, the jury of the 7th EMOP Berlin, made up of Frank Wagner (curator), Dr. Matthias Harder (curator of The Helmut Newton Foundation), Ute Mahler (photographer, founding member of OSTKREUZ, professor), Katharina Sieverding (photographer, professor) and Thomas Licek (managing director EyesOn – EMOP Vienna), has selected 130 exhibition projects by 120 institutions.

Excerpt from the jury statement (read the full statement here):

The selection of the participants in the 7th European Month of Photography testifies to a wide variety, not only in thematic and conceptual terms, but also in participating institutions. Formats range from outdoor exhibitions, large-scale museum presentations, and brilliantly researched solo and group presentations in galleries and project spaces to impressive proposals by many of the city’s foreign cultural institutions and embassies as well as municipal offices for art and culture. Also important is the creativity of Berlin’s numerous photography schools, whose participation in the festival is self-evident.
Thus, a fragmentary view arises of the artistic achievements in photography over the past 100 years and of the perspectives and interests of our time – along with all their private ramifications, sensibilities, and discoveries.”

EMOP Opening Days: September 29 – October 2 at C/O Berlin

The EMOP Opening Days are curated by C/O Berlin and take place from September 29 – October 2 at the Amerika Haus in Berlin Charlottenburg.
Read more about the extensive programme here on PiB!

Further festival highlights

Berlinische Galerie | works from the permanent collection, Institut français | Jean‐Marie Périer Retrospective, Johanna Breede PHOTOKUNST | Stefan Moses, Martin‐Gropius‐Bau | Berenice Abbott, Museum für Fotografie | Bernard Larsson,  Landesarchiv Berlin | Otto Hagemann, Willy‐Brandt‐Haus | Rainer König & Bernd Heyden, Botschaft von Mexiko | Kike Arnal – Voladores, Galerie Sprüth Magers | Louisa Clement, Anna Vogel, Moritz Wegwerth (curated by Andreas Gursky), Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie | graduate exhibition, Leica Camera AG @ Neue Schule für Fotografie |  Finalists of the 36th Leica Oskar Barnack Awards, Club der Polnischen Versager | Wojtek Skowron, Galerie ZWITSCHERMASCHINE | WILD WILD BERLIN;

PiB’s festival highlights

As an official media partner of the EMOP 2016, PiB has the pleasure to present its own selection of highlights from the festival. Feel free to sign up for PiB’s weekly newsletter to be kept up to date, and find all articles on PiB regarding this year’s festival under the tag #EMOP Berlin 2016!
(Additional features will be added below shortly;)
Selected features:

Complete Festival Programme

Besides a printed catalogue, the detailed festival programme will be published on August 8th on the festival website:

EMOP Berlin | Participants 2016

25books •Ÿ Aando Fine Art Ÿ• aff Galerie Ÿ• Akademie der Künste •Ÿ Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung •Ÿ Alte Feuerwache Projektraum Ÿ• Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery •Ÿ aquabitArt Gallery c/o zettabyte •Ÿ Atelier für Photographie Ÿ• Haus am Kleistpark •Ÿ Bauhaus-Archiv •Ÿ Berlinische Galerie Ÿ• Galerie im Körnerpark •Ÿ Bezirksamt Spandau von Berlin Ÿ• BFF Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter e.V. •Ÿ Bobsairport •Ÿ Botschaft des Großherzogtums Luxemburg Ÿ• Botschaft von Brasilien •Ÿ Botschaft von Irland Ÿ• Botschaft von Litauen •Ÿ Botschaft von Mexiko •Ÿ Botschaft von Spanien Ÿ• BrotfabrikGalerie •Ÿ BTK – Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule •Ÿ C/O Berlin •Ÿ Camera Work •Ÿ Carpentier Galerie | raum für kunstŸ • Centrum Judaicum •Ÿ Club der Polnischen Versager •Ÿ Collection Regard Ÿ• Collegium Hungaricum Ÿ• COPYRIGHTberlin Ÿ• CUCO – curatorial concepts berlin e.V. •Ÿ DAS VERBORGENE MUSEUM – Dokumentation der Kunst von Frauen e.V. Ÿ• Dencker + Schneider •Ÿ Exile •Ÿ f/16 Schule für Fotografie •Ÿ FOG Platform Ÿ• Fotogalerie Friedrichshain / Kulturring in Berlin •Ÿ Fotomarathon Berlin Ÿ• Frontviews e.V. / Kunstverein Neukölln •Ÿ Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof •Ÿ Galerie Albrecht •Ÿ Galerie Argus Fotokunst Ÿ• Galerie EIGEN + ART •Ÿ Galerie Eigenheim •Ÿ Galerie erstererster •Ÿ Galerie FELDBUSCH WIESNER + Galerie Jette Rudolph Ÿ• Galerie Jarmuschek+Partner •Ÿ Galerie Julian Sander Ÿ• Galerie Kai Dikhas •Ÿ Galerie Koschmieder Ÿ• Galerie La Girafé •Ÿ Galerie LORIS Ÿ• Galerie Mönch Berlin •Ÿ Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten Ÿ• Galerie Pankow Ÿ• Galerie Pfundt •Ÿ Galerie Schuster Berlin/Miami •Ÿ Galerie Springer •Ÿ Galerie Sprüth Magers Ÿ• Gallery Taik Persons •Ÿ GEDOK Galerie •Ÿ Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie e.V. •Ÿ Grundemark Nilsson Gallery •Ÿ Grundstücksgesellschaft Franz-Mehring-Platz •Ÿ Haus am Lützowplatz •Ÿ Helmut Newton Stiftung •Ÿ Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach Ÿ• ifa-Galerie Berlin •Ÿ IMAGO Camera •Ÿ Institut Francais de Berlin •Ÿ Instituto Cervantes Ÿ• Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlino Ÿ• JARVIS DOONEY GALERIE Ÿ• Johanna Breede PHOTOKUNST •Ÿ Katharina Maria Raab Contemporary Art •Ÿ Kehrer Galerie Ÿ• Kommunale Galerie Berlin • Kosmos Rechenzentrum Potsdam Ÿ• Kuckei + Kuckei •Ÿ Kulturamt •Ÿ Kulturamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf Ÿ• Kulturpark 3000 e.V. – Zwitschermaschine •Ÿ Kunsthandel Jörg Maaß Ÿ• Künstlerhaus Bethanien •Ÿ Kunstraum Potsdam c/o Waschhaus Ÿ• Kunstverein Neukölln e.V. Ÿ• Laura Mars Gallery •Ÿ Landesarchiv Berlin Ÿ• Landesvertretung Niedersachsen •Ÿ Landesvertretung Rheinland-Pfalz Ÿ• Leica Camera •Ÿ Lette Verein Berlin •Ÿ Loock Galerie Ÿ• LORIZA Ÿ• Martin-Gropius-Bau Ÿ• Museum für Fotografie •Ÿ Nachbarschaftstreff im Schillerkiez •Ÿ Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin •Ÿ Niels Borch Jensen Gallery •Ÿ only photography •Ÿ OPEN WALLS Gallery •Ÿ Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie Ÿ• pavlov’s dog – Raum für Fotografie •Ÿ Photo Edition Berlin Ÿ• Plattenpalast Ÿ• Podbielski Contemporary •Ÿ Projektraum PhotoWerkBerlin •Ÿ Raum für Drastische Maßnahmen Ÿ• Robert Morat Galerie •Ÿ Rumänisches Kulturinstitut •Ÿ Slowakisches Institut •Ÿ Deutsches Historisches Museum Ÿ• subjectobject – ART INVOLVEMENT Ÿ• Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin •Ÿ unterwegs – Antiquariat und Galerie •Ÿ UP Project Space •Ÿ Willy-Brandt-Haus •Ÿ ZeitGalerie – Friedrichshagen

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EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography Berlin

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