„L1005464“, 2016, 150 X 100 Cm, Lambdaprint / Acrylglas, Edition 5 + 1 Artist Print © Sabine Wild

Solo Exhibition


Sabine Wild

Opening: Friday, September 16, 2016, 19-21h
Exhibition: September 15 – October 8, 2016
(The artist is present by appointment: wild(at)kunstwild.de, mobil +49 1577-1900472)
Opening hours: Thu & Fri 15-18:30h, Sat 14-18h
Admission free


In her photographs Sabine Wild dedicates herself to overlooked places and obscure structures. The night is steeped with both these attributes. Practically empty black and white pictures with haunting lighting and depths of field reveal facets of the uninhabited and the enigmatic to the eye. The works provide impressions on the outskirts of the city, bizarre non-locations of architecture and snapshots of common, incidental structures. This splendor of the disparate creates uncertain and promising free spaces that exceed the boundaries of our everyday understanding.
Andrea Schraepler

Event Details

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