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»I Am Drunk And You Are Insane, Who Is Going To Lead Us Home?« © Boris Eldagsen

Solo Exhibition

»I am drunk and you are insane, who is going to lead us home?«

Boris Eldagsen

Exhibition: April 13 – May 17, 2016
Opening hours


Boris Eldagsen’s night photographs explore the limits of depiction. Rather than exploring stories, a place or a person, he hijacks and transforms the external reality, to paint a reality beyond time and space: that of the unconscious. Like Goethe’s Faust, he pursues „whatever holds the world together in its inmost folds“ , creating pictures that are inaccessible to the rational mind, compelling the viewer to turn to their own memories and feelings. Without excessive materials or digital effects, he combines the techniques of street and staged photography to create images that sit between painting, film and theatre. He creates site-specific installations using a variety of formats from wallpaper to video to create an experience in which reality becomes fluid and visitors can walk through images into an inner space. Thus he calls his photographs POEMS.

Event Details

»I am drunk and you are insane, who is going to lead us home?« © Boris Eldagsen
Torstr. 61, 10119 Berlin, Germany