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© Edith Maria Balk

Group Exhibition

»HeimatAnderswo II«

Edith Maria Balk, Erhard Flach, Gabriele Kuhlewind, Thilo Seibt

Opening: Friday, November 11, 2016, 19h
Exhibition: November 12 – 27, 2016
Opening hours: Sat 14-20h, Sun 12-18h
Admission free


People are always on the move, leaving places, the past, emotions, social groups or cultural contexts behind them. Hoping for improvement, they turn their backs on the familiar and set out to discover new territory. This human impetus changes the lives of those who leave and of those who stay behind. The places people have left behind tend to be idealized in memory, to become places of longing and nostalgia.

Traditionally, the German term “Heimat” describes a person’s immediate local surroundings, their home. But the term can also be used to describe a sense of belonging or affiliation to a cultural, political or philosophical identity. The photographers of the FASB have set out to search for a “HeimatAnderswo”, a “home from home”.

In this second part of the group exhibition, Edith Maria Balk, Erhard Flach, Gabriele Kuhlewind and Thilo Seibt will be showing their work.

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Part of the Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin 2016.
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Teil des Monat der Fotografie OFF Berlin 2016.
Entdecke weitere Festival-Highlights auf FiB unter dem Tag #MdF OFF Berlin 2016!

Event Details

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