What is the PiB Guide?

Published bi-monthly in an edition of currently 5.000 copies, the curated PiB Guide regularly presents a handpicked selection of interesting photography exhibitions & events in Berlin.

Ranging from exhibitions & events by established institutions & galleries to independent project spaces & underground initiatives, the PiB Guide is a useful resource for all art & photography enthusiasts, whether they are living in Berlin or here for a visit.

A detailed feature for each event listed in the guide can be found here on PiB’s website, providing further information & images.

The guide’s map & public transportation details for each venue make it easy for you to find your way around.

Due to its handy pocket size, you can carry the little leporello guide around with you at all times, and start exploring gems of Berlin’s versatile photography scene!

I’m happy to let you know that the PiB Guide is printed carbon-neutral & with vegan colors based on vegetable oil on matte premium white 100% recycling paper by dieUmweltdruckerei! In addition, they use electricity from renewable energies and produce & ship carbon-neutral. Read more about their sustainability standards here.

Where can I find the guide?

The PiB Guide is available for free in all participating galleries
and many photography institutions, (photo-)bookstores & other nice places throughout Berlin.

The places vary a bit each time – however, a list of places can be found on the detail page of each current issue.

The guide is also sent by mail to selected press representatives & all of PiB’s annual subscribers.

Submit your exhibition/event!

Publish your photography exhibition/event
in the PiB Guide, and reach a wide art audience in Berlin!

Events presented in the PiB Guide are usually selected by PiB,
but you are welcome anytime to submit your event!

Publication fee

The fee for publication in the PiB Guide is 80 €,
which helps me cover a tiny part of the high printing & distribution costs.

What is included in a PiB Guide entry?

You can present up to 3 events in 1 issue of the print guide (more on special request). Accompanying events from an exhibition’s framework program each count as 1 event since they will be listed separately – in addition to the main event – in PiB’s event calendar.

Included is an extensive Website Feature of each event plus several Newsletter Features (in the opening week / as a recommendation for current exhibitions / in the closing week / and, if applicable, additional features for announcing events from your framework programme).

Your event will also be promoted via PiB’s social media network on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Furthermore you will receive approx. 70 copies of the guide by mail for promotion of your event beforehand, and/or for regular visitors of your gallery.

If you are interested, a permanent inclusion of your gallery/institution in PiB’s Berlin Directory and on PiB’s Art Map is also possible on request.

Note: As an alternative to publication in the PiB Guide you can also submit your event anytime for a website & newsletter feature only. The fee is 20 € / event.

Support PiB

I need your help, because for the past 2 years i’ve been dedicating all my time, energy, enthusiasm (and money) on PiB – and i’d love to continue working on & improving this project in the future as well.

There is no big company or any sponsors behind PiB, it’s just me – at least for now…

If you’d like to support this non-profit initiative, you have the option to order a copy or an annual subscription of the PiB Guide, and have it comfortably delivered to you by post.
Thanks so much for your support!

All proceeds are contributed towards the bi-monthly printing & distribution costs of the PiB Guide – and therefore help further promoting your events. They are also used for running expenses such as server- & domain costs.

Media partnerships, sponsorships or cooperations are most welcome – please feel free to drop me a line anytime if you have something in mind.

Offer for cultural institutions

Cultural institutions, city guides or hotels in Berlin who would like to offer the PiB Guide as a service to their art inclined visitors/clients/guests, are cordially invited to purchase a PiB Guide Box containing approx. 70 copies of the current issue!

Facts & Figures

After a year of preparation/research and designing & developing the website,
I was happy to launch PiB at the end of March in 2015.
The first issue of the PiB Guide was published for May/June 2015.

Ever since, PiB has been continuously growing, and I’m most grateful
for the positive feedback & support of so many photographers & galleries so far.

I also sincerely hope that, with your help, PiB will continue evolving
as a useful platform for fine-art & documentary photography in Berlin.

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