emerge – Magazine for Young Photojournalism

Blankenburger Straße 45
13156 Berlin
[Niederschönhausen | Pankow]

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The web is full of information and an ever increasing amount of pictures. But only few actually remain in our memory. emerge is a space for these pictures, for relevant stories, a platform for the narrators of today.

emerge offers young photojournalists an environment that they deserve, which is rarely given in contemporary magazines. emerge displays how strong and eclectic young photojournalism is today. We present stories from all over the world: photo-essays showing the lives of people, reportages from crisis- and war-regions, daily life stories, and tales from known and unknown places.

We show multimedia-productions as well as classical documentary projects on one combined photojournalism-platform. However different the single stories might be – all are united through a strong visual language, a specific visual energy and unique perception of the narrator. We are permanently searching for new, outstanding photo-documentations and multimedia stories.

For this dedication and for the high demand towards the presented works, our non-profit project emerge was nominated 2011 for the Grimme Online Award.

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