From The Series "Go Out" © Jan Lessner

Group Exhibition

»Between Yesterday and Tomorrow«

An exhibition by the photography graduation class of 2016:

Anna Aicher, Laura de Wit, Melissa-Fae Fenske, Verena Frye, Julian Groß, Luisa Hanika, Kurt Heiter, Valeria Herklotz, Janis Kaiser, Miriam Klingl, Sascha Krautz, Jan Lessner, Alexander Mai, Klara Johanna Michel, Marija Mihailova, Phuong Tran Minh, Eirikur Mortagne, Mikula Platz, Christopher Puttins, Nina Raasch, Adam Sevens, Ralf Timm, Dennis Zorn

Opening: Friday, June 17, 2016, 19h (Facebook Event)
Exhibition: June 18 – 24, 2016
Finissage: Friday, June 24, 2016, 19h
Opening hours: June 18 – 21: 13-19h, June 22 – 24: 17-19h
Admission free


The 2016 photography graduation class of 2016 is proudly presenting their final exhibition!

Twenty-three works in the diverse fields of fashion, documentary, portrait, architecture and stilllife photography will be displayed under the title “Zwischen Gestern und Morgen” (between yesterday and tomorrow).
But what does it stand for? 
Each student has an individual answer to that question, leading to 23 varying results.

Several even travelled to the other end of the earth – from Hawaii to Spain, Greece, Belarus and all the way to Hong Kong. Then again, some didn’t need to travel far to visualize their interpretation of the title – all they had to do was to take a short busride to the suburbs of Berlin.
 And finally, others didn’t need to leave the school at all – they locked themselves into one of our studios and expressed their interpretation through stilllife photography or photomanipulations.

All of this led to 23 unique views through the kaleidoscope of time: how it used to be, how it may be and how it may never have been.

Further details on the exhibition website & Facebook page:

Event Details

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