Open Studios / Open House


„Studio Sarah Straßmann“ & guest artists:
Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier, Claire Laude, Verónica Losantos, Sarah Straßmann

The artists of the AtelierEtage AR_29 will open their studios for the fifth time. On Saturday, November 17, from 2 to 8 pm and on Sunday, November 18, from 2 to 6 pm, over 12,000 sq. Ft. of 12 studios will be opened a complete exhibition weekend for an art-interested public. In addition, there are 33 invited guest artists who present their work both in the studios and on the entire floor. Curated spots set highlights within the branched area, e.g. on photography, new media or a diversely hung wall installation with around 24 positions. International contemporary art from the fields of painting, drawing, photography / video, sculpture / object and installation are presented.

The AtelierEtage AR_29 is part of the sponsored studio program of the Kulturwerk of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Berlin (bbk berlin) and has existed since 2013. Ten minutes from Berlin’s center, between the Paracelsus Bath and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic settlement of Modernism “White City”, the studios are located on the second floor of an industrial yard in the northern part of Berlin, in Reinickendorf.

As part of the weekend, the Studio Sarah Straßmann presents works with a focus on photography and video, together with the three guest artists Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier, Claire Laude and Verónica Losantos. The projects shown are devoted to themes such as space, space and memory, space and time, as well as appealing to our collective memory.


Open Studios:
Saturday 17. Nov., 2 – 8 pm and Sunday 18. Nov., 2 – 6 pm
Private View + Studio Dinner:
Saturday 17. Nov. from 8 pm on (by invitation)


Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier (*1967), shows the work Distel-devedikeni. The digital video in b/w sounds archaic, but is shot in the iPhone portrait format. In a stony and windy landscape of northern Mesopotamia, a young woman in waving black cloths, demonstrates to the artist how to harvest a thistle. The thistle flower is cut off with a stick, the spines are removed with a stone on the rock surface and the thistle’s soft heart is presented. The actions taken as a matter of course and the communicative emotions and looks speak a collective language that also involves the viewer. In its simplicity and beauty, this interaction seems to exist since humanity has existed on earth.

Claire Laude (*1975) deals with the construction and representation of the memory of a place in her photographic works. Her photographs usually focus on spaces and places that are transformed, in danger of disappearing or falling into oblivion – such as in the exhibited works Ephemeral Intersects, X is to Y as Y is to Z or L’Autre Cendre. Common to all projects is a questioning of the term track. On the basis of found materials, the artist changes a location in a minimalist manner, builds temporary installations in situ, transforms them into photographic images and often destroys them at the end. Claire Laude uses this to create photographic, installative works that point out the unfamiliar and vulnerable and the processes of time. Her works change on the threshold between reality, fiction and poetry.

Verónica Losantos (*1984) photographic work is dedicated to the village of Mansilla, located in northern Spain. In 1960, it was evicted under the Franco dictatorship for the construction of a dam. The inhabitants of the village, which has existed for generations, lost their home. Like a memorial, the reservoir is in its field of vision: the new houses are right on its shores. When the water is very low in autumn, the ruins of the old village reappear. This mysterious atmosphere of the today and the memories of that time, is implemented with a “latent image”. It arises in the negative of the film as soon as it is exposed: the information on the film is invisible. The old village is also hidden below the water surface. The water can reflect or be transparent. This results in an interesting dichotomy. The photographs are covered with different textures. They are supplemented by archive material. At the same time, the loss of the homeland can not be denied, it’s fixed too deeply in the collective memory of the inhabitants. (Text Mansilla: Michael Biedowicz)

In the work The Kingdom, started in 2018, Sarah Straßmann (*1980) investigates the conditions and relationships between space, image space, surface, and structure. The starting point of her experiments is the ancient city Perre, an archaeological site, which belongs to a mountain range of the former kingdom of Commagene in southeastern Turkey (around 200-50 bC). A kingdom whose ruler, Antiochus, cleverly bundled various religions, and was able to hold the empire against hostile takeovers, such as secured by the Romans, for a long time. Similar to an “archaeologist”, the artist collected a variety of photographic material on site. By means of photo collages, photographic installations, video, sound, archival material and classical photographs, The Kingdom spreads the structures and conditions of two and three-dimensional spaces. On the other hand, it leads to absurdity. In addition to these pictorial aspects, thoughts on space and representation, architecture and power as well as space as a common ground are also raised and questioned. Furthermore there will be shown works from other ongoing groups of works, including excerpts from the Shifting series and the project Die Besucherin.


Nov 17 — 18, 2018
Saturday & Sunday
Facebook Event


Alt-Reinickendorf 28-29, Industriehof 2. OG, 13407 Berlin
[Reinickendorf | Reinickendorf]

Admission free

Public Transport:
S25 Alt-Reinickendorf, U8 + Bus 120 Paracelsus-Bad (Exit: Roedernallee)
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